Greg Behkher photo
GREG BEKHER, Undergraduate Research Assistant
Greg is a computer science major and member of the second cohort of the Advanced Cybersecurity Experience for Students (ACES) program at Maryland, and is also a member of Startup Shell. As a member of SEAM, Greg is exploring active defense techniques to adaptively recognize and mitigate security threats against software and systems. His interests include secure software engineering, systems design, machine learning and security. HOME
Rebecca Freerksen photo
REBECCA FREERKSEN, Undergraduate Research Assistant
Rebecca Freerksen is a sophomore at the University of Maryland, College Park. She is studying Computer Science with a specialization in Cybersecurity. Rebecca joined SEAM in early 2016, and currently is working on a project involving a machine-learning program to predict vulnerabilities. She is interested in software engineering and cybersecurity. Outside of SEAM, she is involved in various other organizations, such as being a Peer Mentor in her College Park Scholars program as well as an active member of the Mighty Sound of Maryland marching band and Maryland Pep Band for basketball.
Robbie Morrison photo
ROBERT MORRISON, Undergraduate Research Assistant
Robbie is a sophomore studying Computer Science at UMD. After spending a summer with the team researching how best to identify vulnerable files using machine learning he was inspired to continue down the data science track, and today is extending these techniques to predict defects in programs written in a wider variety of programming languages than previously addressed.
Alex Reinhardt photo
ALEX REINHARDT, Undergraduate Research Assistant
Alex Reinhardt is a junior the Cybersecurity specialization at UMD, with a focus on big data management.
Miles Patrick photo
MILES PATRICK, Undergraduate Research Assistant
Miles Patrick is a sophomore at Mount St. Mary's University where he majors in Computer Science and minors in Cybersecurity. Miles worked on web dev and system administration with the team in summer 2017.
Ahaana Sarup photo
AHAANA SARUP, Undergraduate Research Assistant
Ahaana Sarup is a junior mechanical engineering major and member of the third cohort of the Advanced Cybersecurity Experience for Students (ACES) program at the University of Maryland. Ahaana joined SEAM in Spring 2017 and is working on utilizing machine learning to identify vulnerable files of code. Her interests include machine learning, cybersecurity, and big data.
Srujan Thotapally photo
SRUJAN THOTAPALLY, Undergraduate Research Assistant
Srujan Thotapally is a sophomore studying computer science at the University of Maryland. Being part of the ACES Cybersecurity program has allowed him to gain exposure to the ever evolving field of cybersecurity. He joined SEAM in 2017 to contribute to the research involving dynamic reconfiguration.
Laura Toro photo
MARIA LAURA TORO, Undergraduate Research Assistant
Laura is a sophomore Computer Science major and Japanese minor in the University of Maryland. Laura joined SEAM in Fall 2016 and is currently working on predicting vulnerabilities using machine learning. Her interests are cybersecurity and software engineering.
Ashton Webster photo
ASHTON WEBSTER, Graduate Assistant
Ashton Webster is a graduate student who started working with the SEAM team in 2015 while an undergraduate in this department. Ashton's research focuses on using static code features to predict vulnerabilities and defects in source code, especially through the use of machine learning algorithms. Ashton has evaluated several transfer learning algorithms as well, which are special machine learning algorithms used to train and test models across different domains. HOME
Waruna Yapamudiyanselage photo
WARUNA YAPAMUDIYANSELAGE, Undergraduate Research Assistant
Waruna Yapamudiyanselage is a sophomore studying Computer Science at the University of Maryland in the ACES (Advanced Cybersecurity Experience for Students) program. His interests involve Big Data, Machine Learning, and Network Security. He is currently working on research involving dynamic reconfiguration.
Jim Purtilo photo
JIM PURTILO, Associate Professor
Purtilo's expertise is in software development, with a particular emphasis on practices that produce systems worthy of confidence and trust. His research in this domain has ranged from study of prototyping technologies and specification-based development to applied programming languages and software interconnection systems. Industrially, he has extensive experience in application of data mining and profiling technologies. At the University of Maryland he has served as Director of the Masters of Software Engineering Program, Chair of the CS Department undergraduate program and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies in the College of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences. HOME
(LEFT: Yes, this is what he really looks like.)
Christian Johnson photo
CHRISTIAN JOHNSON, Undergraduate Research Assistant
Christian is a Computer Science major and has served as President of the Student Board of the nation's first four year honors cybersecurity program, the Advanced Cybersecurity Experience for Students (ACES) at the University of Maryland for the past two years. Christian's core research areas include software-defined-networking and cloud infrastructure, dynamic reconfiguration, and workbench automation tools. Christian joined SEAM in 2014 and has since been working to prototype new technologies in these core areas. HOME
Jeremy Krach photo
JEREMY KRACH, Undergraduate Research Assistant
Jeremy is studying Computer Science at the University of Maryland (set to graduate Spring 2017). He joined SEAM in the Summer 2014 to help with data collection and analysis pertaining to vulnerability metrics in Linux packages. His past work includes research into mass surveillance systems using Google glass. Most recently, Jeremy has worked on dynamic reconfiguration tasks: specifically engineering a tool to handle opened files during process migration. His primary interests are in cybersecurity, and he is a member of the first Advanced Cybersecurity Experience for Students cohort at University of Maryland. He enjoys learning about what breaks systems, and how we can protect and prevent problems in the future.
Bobby Azarbayejani photo
BOBBY AZARBAYEJANI, Research Programmer
Aisha Browne photo
AISHA BROWNE, Undergraduate Research Assistant
William Chen photo
WILLIAM CHEN, Undergraduate Research Assistant
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Julia Deutsch photo
JULIA DEUTSCH, Undergraduate Research Assistant
Joseph Fong photo
JOSEPH FONG, Undergraduate Research Assistant
Conner Fox photo
CONNOR FOX, Undergraduate Research Assistant
Lizzie Halper photo
ELIZABETH HALPER, Undergraduate Research Assistant
Will Heckert photo
WILL HECKERT, Undergraduate Research Assistant
Moshe Katz photo
MOSHE KATZ, Graduate Research Assistant
Danny Laurence photo
DANNY LAURENCE, Research Assistant
Everest Liu photo
EVEREST LIU, Undergraduate Research Assistant
Gary Nilson photo
GARY NILSON, Research Assistant
Jeff Stuckman photo
JEFF STUCKMAN, Graduate Research Assistant
James Wills photo
JAMES WILLS, Undergraduate Research Assistant
Kent Wills photo
KENT WILLS, Graduate Research Assistant
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