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Create your very own, customized Pepp Talk


Create special scripts, called Seeds, that collect information from data sources of your choosing, be it IoT devices connected to openHab or a web source like Yahoo! Weather, and store the information right into the Pepp Talk database.


Create User Templates that pull the information from the database to suit your needs, giving you the perfect Pepp Talk for any situation. Perhaps the stocks and weather in the morning before work, and the status of lights on in your home before you go to bed.


Listen to your customized Pepp Talk whenever you want. Pepp Talk creates an audio output with your Seeds and User Templates, and plays the audio using the default audio device. The Pepp Talk stays saved too, in case you have other uses in mind.


Find out if Pepp Talk is right for you

While our User Guide will help you get the best out of our product, we recommend you run through this checklist to see if Pepp Talk is right for you:

  • I have a Raspberry Pi or other system running Debian Jessie, and an audio output device I can connect to it.
  • I can connect to the data sources I would like to collect information from using my linux environment.
  • I can run an Apache server.
  • I can write scripts (in any language I desire), that can send a JSON object to an Apache server.
  • I can write a text file in a given Genshi format.
  • If you said yes to all of these, then Pepp Talk is a perfect fit. If not, and if you want to try Pepp Talk anyway, then go for it!

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