Capture Knowledge

Imagine teaching a computer to make decisions

We help experts express their technical knowledge

We can help an expert define an area of knowledge and create a knowledge base to be used by anyone.

We help everyday people make technical decisions

Yes that's right, you thought it was the stuff of dreams, anyone can use our system to make technical decisions.

Built with love

by Software Engineering students at the University of Maryland

Advised and guided by the best

Dr. James Purtilo & Dr. James Reggia

Intuitive rule based approach

Experts can easily define a rule based knowledge base with our expert language.

Express your knowledge in natural ways without having any computer science background.

Field Agnostic

Instead of focusing on finding the right tool for your industry, our platform is industry agnostic. You can use it to express an area of knowledge in any profession with no coding experience required!


Seamless Integrations

Our platform is designed to integrate with existing databases. System builders can define integration processes to prepopulate information for the end user. For example, a medical application can prepopulate information using existing patient history databases.


Platform Independent

If you've got a browser, you've got access to our platform! PC, Mac, Linux, or any mobile device. We don't discriminate.